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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The "Taliah Waajid" Experience

What Products do you use?

The Never ending question for a Natural Girl. Chances are, 85% of the time my response will be some type of Taliah Waajid product. I dibble and dabble with other products (check out my blog post on the Dollar Tree Experience) but if you ask me my go to product of choice...It will be a Taliah Waajid product.

My history with Black Earth Products;

I use the medicated strengthner to repair my hair and edges from the abusive effects of braids.

Moisture clenz to clean my scalp during protective styles.

Crinkles and curls for wash and go's.

Herbal strengthner (non medicated) for geberal use.

Check out to view the entire product line.

Taliah Waajid is referred to as "The Queen of Natural, curly, coily Hair" She has been in the natural hair game for over 25 years and started the World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show™ which I faithfully attend at least once a year. In fact.. I attend so faithfully, I deliberately save money (as part of my Natural Hair Fund) and purchase all my Black Earth Products and save money with the bundle package.

Check out me and Taliah from the 2012 Fall Show

So Last night, I was in a twisting mood, but was too lazy to pick out a product, and I had my 8year old to do the honors. He brought back this:

He knows me so well, lol! Family bonding over Natural Hair.

My hair was twisted while dry. The cream is not heavy or sticky. Its a very simple product. How much you use and the size of your twist depends on you. I would suggest for a more tight coiled look, twist hair in smaller sections and use little products. For a more chunky, wet and wavy look, twist hair in bigger sections and use more cream.

My Results:

Model: Latonya J.
Make up: Latonya J.
Hair: Latonya J. /Inspired by Beyonce (lol)

Yes... If you would like for me to be your Natural Hair Model... Contact me! I would Love to!! 😍

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  1. I had to go back to my Taliah Waajid flow myself. My hair is damaged from bleaching so since my work situation allows me to wear my hair like I want I've been washing and conditioning with her products, using the bodifier for moisture, the oil to seal my ends and lock it up to braid. The the crinkles and curls to tame the fly always when I un-braid my hair it is fabulous. Black Earth products will always get my vote! *two thumbs up*