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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The "Nattalicious" Experience

Our featured Nattalicious product for today is by Hair Rules.

But First... Just a reminder to who we are and what we do... Nattalicious collect Natural Hair products from other Natural Hair women. We then distribute these products at NO COST to deserving divas, such as the recipient of this product.

We do what we do because we LOVE doing it! Empowering women with the tools to enhance their natural experience. From Avon ( to Natural Hair Products, our goal is to make sure every woman equally inspired to be, look, and feel their best.

With that being said... Here is the legal Info...(a lot of this is repeated info... but I got to repeat it. No case catching over here, lol, scroll by if you wish)

We are not liscensed cosmetologist.

We Do not study hair types, hair products, hair ingredients all day every day.

We are not qualified to tell you that if you crack an egg over your head for three times a day and put mayonaise on your ends that you will never see dandruff and you will have hair flowing down your back in a week (lol)

At your discretion, I can share with you what works for me... But my goal is to start you off with Natural Hair Products and encourage you to build you own hair care regimine. (Join our natural hair support group@

Now to featured product:

Include in this donation:
Quench ultra rich conditioner
Kinky curling cream
Curly whip
Ultra rich conditioner

Based upon reviews and research, what I like about Hair rules is that its suitable for all hair types so no need of pulling out that little card trying to determine which hair type you are. Hair Rules do encourage you to view their youtube channel and website for tips on hair styling and products for taylored needs.
Find out more here @

This set provide from Nattalicious, has over 60% of available products including a never open bottle of kinky curling cream. (Retail price for new set values over 45$) Based on customer testimonials, these products have prevented breakage, promotes hair growth, does not leave hair sticky or heavy.

Check out for more reviews.

If you wish to donate products (new or gently used) please Contact us @

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