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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My "Natural" Experience

Being a Natural girl, my hair and its style is always changing. I have no complaints with that. Rarely will you hear or read from me complaining about the shrinkage and my coil types. I simply love my hair. I have grew to learn that even on days that I consider myself to be having a bad hair day... other Naturals love it. Those moments have allowed me to appreciate the art of Natural hair even more.

One of my rewarding experiences with natural hair is that unspoken inspiration and liberation that has allowed other women to embrace their natural hair. They may not come up to you personally and shake your hand or shout you out on twitter and facebook, but deep down, we all know that you are the reason that your neighbor no longer wears her wig to church or invest hundreds to thousands of dollars every year in expensive braiding. Truthfully, going natural can save you money and if you are not saving money, you may want to enroll into a product junkie addiction and recovery class.

Natural hair has become a business, I'm sure somebody has a product junkie addiction and recovery course out there for the natural girl. If you can not find a class,  send me a message, I will let you know when the next class will begin :)

My natural experience has changed my life and my lifestyle. I originally created this blog about 5 to 6 years ago as a way market a natural health product I was selling at the time. As a result of going natural with my hair, I am now more conscious of the food I put into my body, the products I put on my skin, my water intake, and my overall quality of life. I am convinced that God intended us to live Naturally and I think that going natural with my hair has allowed me to see the natural side of life.

Everybody Natural Experience is different. Some love it, others hate it. My experience has introduced a platform for me to become a business women, to provide aid and support to other natural women, and to enhance the quality of my life by becoming more knowledgeable about health and wellness. Everyday is a marketing tool for me to change the life of another woman.They way I style my hair or the food I eat is an opportunity to invite others into this Natural way of Life. There is a surprising number of women who are looking for a push off of their cliff to embrace their naturality. My encouragement to you is to allow your natural hair to inspire you to become a healthier woman, to use that creative idea and turn it into a business, and to use your use gift(s) to attract others to do the same. Who cares if there are millions of Natural Hair facebook pages out there? Their page may not be like your page? Your meet up group might just change the game in how other Naturals host their meet up group. Their natural hair product may not moisturize hair as well as yours does. Your fitness routine may produce more results than her fitness routine. Just do you and enjoy your natural experience while doing it.

I have created a facebook/twitter support group designed specifically for your to become inspired and to help other naturals or twitter @girlsgonenatty

Contact me @ to donate or request products.

To enhance your natural experience with make up and accessories visit,

Love you All!

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