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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "Clearance" Experience (Target)

We all love a great deal right?!... And for the Natural Girl on a budget... Clearance sales is a great way to accessorize and build up your natural hair product pile.

I do not discriminate against clearances racks, but Target is my store of choice when im on the hunt for some new Natural Hair products and acessories.

Yesterday, my trip to target led me to these items:

GUD hair conditioner by Burt's Bees (4.88) and Beyonce Heat and Heat Rush (2.98) double pack.

Occassionally when Donations are slow, I purchase hair care products to donate to the organization I started, Nattalicious.

Nattalicious™ provides natural hair products to underpriveledge women. Eligible women are from all walks of life, from financial hardships, sickness, or newly natural women seeking a jumpstart with products and support.

The purchase of GUD from Burt's Bee's will be donated to Nattalicious and ready for distribution to one of our deserving divas.

The Beyonce Parfumes... Different story (lol)
Huge fan of Beyonce and this lip sinking scandle is all bogus in my book (lol)

My first time trying this scent (perfect opportunity at 2.98) its not extremely strong but very far from the soft side of the scale. So spray lightly. If your interested in some smell goods at an affordable price, this clearance item is worth a try.

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