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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The "Dollar Tree" Expreience

Just a quick side bar off the topic of Natural Hair. Here is my Review on Enregin Make Up Foundation, purchased from my Local Dollar Tree.

I purchased this without intent. I was on my way to a church service, forgot to apply my foundation, stopped by the Dollar Tree to purchase a church snack (lol) and came accross this product.

I've had this product for at least 3 months now. Not a lot is required. I was very pleased that it matched my skin tone! Here is a recent photo using this product

I use foundation to cover up a few small blemishes on my face. I compare it to several make up foundations I purchased from Avon. A few of the Avon products clogged my pores and caused pimples, others have not, so its still trial and error for avon. But since using this product I have not experience any pimple reaction from the Dollar Tree version.

Since going Natural I took interest in make up and accessories as a way to dress myself up more. If you are interested in a mini make over, here is another opportunity to try out your local Dollar Tree. Enjoy!!

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