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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fashion Revisited

The Wedge Sneaker. 

For some of you, maybe this is not a "new" fashion trend. Supposedly the wedge sneaker made its debut in 2012. However, I've had my eye on these funny looking sneakers since groupon started adverstising them this past spring. 

Obviously I missed the deal. I figured no big deal, this is just an ugly under 25 girly girl fad that will quickly fade away, lol! 

Needless to say, after seeing these sneakers up close and in action,  this thrity-something year old woman is spending her Saturday night with Amazon, groupon, and livingsocial trying to find a size 11 in a pair wedge sneakers! 

My choice colors are black, tan, hunter green, cherry wine, or purple. I have no ideal outfit to wear with these desired colors at this time... But we gonna speak these shoes and outfits into exsistence, lol! Hopefully there is a proud sponsor out there looking for a size 11 wedge sneaker shoe model. 

What is your most hated fashion fad trend that you are contemplating revisiting for the fall/winter? 

Share or post outfits! 

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