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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The "Thrifting" Experience

The Urban dictionary documents thrifting as when one visits multiple thrift stores or second hand stores in hopes of buying several items cheap, unusual, and vintage, in style. 

I'm am not a thrifter.
I Never Thrift. 
The smells drives me crazy. 

I have a thrift-a-mony (thrift testimony) to report!!! 

I am entering into a new era with my hair (pray for me).  As a result, I took an interest in vintage, old fashioned, headbands, to help me transition into this new hair. 

The local goodwill was having a 50% off store wide sale and I thought I would take a stroll through to find vintage headbands. 

My headband hunt was unsuccessful, but I found this shoulder bag that I fell in love at first site. 
This a "The Saks" crochet shoulder bag. Its original thrift store price was $10.75 and my sale purchase $5.45. 

According to the website:, "The Saks" bags can varies in size and prices. The cross body bags starts at $21.75 with leather bags ranging to $119.00. New, Crochet shoulder bags are valued between 59.00 to 149.00 from various websites and search engines. 

This particular bag has this natural swag to it that was whispering... "Buy me mommy, buy me!" So I did what any awesome mother would do... I brought the bag, lol! 

I'm not much of a bag lady. I travel light at all times, but this was an awesome buy. I am slowly trying to enter into this thrifting game, continue to pray my strength and i'll keep sharing my 
thrift-a- monies!

Here's another picture of "TheSaks" bag found from ebay. 

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