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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The "Facial" Experience

Being A Natural Haired Woman I consider it very important to have a presentable face. Scratch that... Being a Woman PERIOD... Its very important to have a presentable face.

By presentable, I mean clean. Of course we go through the hormone thingy and we have about 10 different skin tones in our face and certain times of the month we got like 50 pimples all over the place...

My face care regimine use to consist of Dudu osun black soap, witch hazel (dollar tree brand) and shea butter (yellow version)
I used that combo everyday for about a year. Result were slow... But I still suffered from horrible huge pimples that I spent most of my day picking with. (Yes, Bad habit)

One casual day in my local Wholefoods, I stumbled across this bottle of goodness

Both bottles cost nearly 6$ each. I've been using this now since early January 2013 and there is still over half left in each bottle. (I wash my face twice per day)

Since using this product I have receive several compliments about the smooth appearance of my Natural face (no make applied) I still suffer from minor pimples which is probably due to my excessive intake of Sugar. My skin tone appears to be even aswell. Occasionally, I still do a clay mask facial with the bentonite clay.

*Note: The food you eat does have an effect on your face*

Here is my most recent picture with No make up on.

Read more about wholefoods Facial Cleanser here:

What do you wash your face with?
Share your results below.

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