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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The "Other" Natural Experience

Since my natural hair journey, I have discovered that women go natural with their hair for several reasons; looks, ease, and affordability. Recently I learned that there is a secret population of women who are going the natural hair route due to health reason. To date, the most popular reason women are going natural is due to chemical interference between perms and prescription medication. A combination of perms and prescription medication is leaving most women with thinning hair and sensitive scalp.

Another growing number of women choosing the natural route are cancer survivors. Many cancer surviving women choose to go the natural route after chemo/radiation as a way to eliminate chemicals from their lifestyle.

As most naturals by choice have realized, it takes a lot of courage to sport your "big chop." If you reside in an area where natural is hair is still foreign, it takes self confidence to be bold and stand out from the crowd. In the age of social media there is a wealth of information to learn about natural hair. If you are starting this natural journey as a result of a medical condition, chances are your main goal is to stay alive.

My point to this article is that we never know what or why someone may have choose to go natural. Creamy Crack advocates are literally encourage women not to go natural due because "natural isn't for everybody" I personally believe that its your hair, do what you wish. As natural hair women, we are here to encourage other naturals and share our experiences. Although research have shown that perms can be dangerous to your health, we as women should not be allowed to condemn others for their choices. If perm hair is for you.. then do you. My point to women of the perm community, If you see someone with natural hair that does not resemble the style of Jill Scott, Tracy Ellis Ross, Eryka Badu (just to name  few) refrain from judging a sista hair just because its not satisfying your eye.

Organization such as "Nattalicious" was created to assist women who face health challenges and need assistance with hair supplies/products, knowledge, and support in this growing natural hair society. I urge all of us to support natural sisters who are transitioning their life style due to health issues through love, encouragement, and support. If you wish to donate new natural hair products to nattalicious to help out women in need, email

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