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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The "Dollar Tree" Experience

At least once a month I like to visit my local Dollar Tree and see what Natural products I can try out on my hair. Besides, its only 1$ if it doesnt work out... I'll just swap it at the next hair meet up or donate to this fabulous organization Nattalicious™ :)

Yesterday (1/12/13) my trip to the dollar tree was inspired by the Bantu Knot style twist. I really wanted to try this style but I was out of Setting lotion.

( My definition of Setting lotion is best described as liquid gel. Its used to mold hair shapes and create strong curls. Apply to wet or dry hair before twisting)

So I went to my Dollar tree and found this product called L.A.Looks

Reading the back of this label has several big words that are of course... Unpronounceable (if thats a word, if not oh well...this is not an english class... Just my thoughts on natural hair care LOL) BUT... because the products are only 1$ if any chemicals are hidden... They have to be on the very low end of the PH scale due to its affordability. My word of caution... Spray on the hair and not the scalp.. Better safe than sorry.

Because I prefer my natural hair to be simple and elegent yet affordable... This is Another Dollar Tree Success story. My Bantu Twist were more defined... The spray did not leave my hair sticky with gunky build up. It has a very light smell. In addition to the L.A.Spray, I used shea butter (the yellow version) to seal the ends and bobby pins (also purchased from the Dollar Tree.

Below.. Is not the best picture to represent my style... You know how it is.. you acheived a semi perfect style on your first try and your excited to show your Natural Hair Buddies.. Lol! but Pay attention to that 1 strand coming down in my face, just to give you an idea of the definition I experienced using to L. A.Looks Beach Mega Waves.

This Photo was day 1. I have retwisted tonight (1/13/13) and will post the results of that twist out Tomorrow.

Comment below and share your "Dollar Tree Experience" for Natural Hair Care

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